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As you may or may not know I am a disabled veteran. I use my skills and experience to help others and to give high quality work to those who use my services becuase I am grateful for the support.  I am not looking for a following to brag or show off or to get attention no I am seeking a following to help others and be able to financially support myself.

I do not hold back in experiencing life and openly sharing it with the world anymore, I promised to my self through my recovery I would no longer bind myself to those who negatively judge, participate in slander, those who refuse to take the time to understand, those who do not support veterans like myself. For to long I had low confidence, worried about everything anyone ever said to me without realizing who it was coming from. 

This who I am and this is my journey as I become more involved and turn a hobby into professional services. 

A big part of my recovery and management of my conditions has been changing my diet and discovering new…

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